Our olive range is brimming with plump and juicy whole and pitted olives offering a wide choice of fillings and marinades. Our Antipasti range includes delicious peppers, onions and vine leaves, all perfect for use on your menu.

Onions in Balsamic
Vinegar 1.9Kg

These are delicious baby onions marinated in sweet Balsamic VinegarOnions in Balsamic Vinegar suppl..


Sweet Peppers stuffed
with Cheese 2Kg

These slightly hot peppers are stuffed with a soft creamy cheese really delicious.Sweet Peppers stu..


Stuffed Vine Leaves

These are the traditional Greek stuffed vine leaves. Grape leaves stuffed with rice and onions a ..


Marinated Chilli & Garlic
Pitted Olives 2 x 2.9kg

Truly delicious with the chilli heat and the subtle garlic flavour a perfect matchMarinated Chilli ..


Olive Stuffed with
Feta Cheese 2Kg

Beautifully soft Feta stuffed into the Olive.Olive Stuffed with Feta Cheese supplied in 2kg tubs..


Green Mamouth Pitted in Brine

Green Olives Mamouth Pitted in Brine 2.9kg tubs..


Olives Stuffed with
Garlic 2Kg

If you like Garlic these are for you.Green Olives Stuff with Garlic supplied in 2kg tubs..


Marinated Mixed
Herb Olives Pitted 2 x 2.9kg

All our Olives have been sourced from Greece and made to our recipes the above marinated with Herbs..


Piri Piri Stuffed
Olives 2.9Kg

Not for the feint hearted, these are on the warmer side!Piri Piri Stuffed Olives supplied in 2.9kg ..


Olives Stuffed with
Sun Dried Tomatoes

The sundried tomato is a wonderful combination with the OliveOlives Stuffed with Sun Dried Tomatoes..


Sun Dried Tomatoes

Tomatoes left to dry in the Mediterranean and marinated in Herbs and sunflower oil Sun Dried T..


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