A wide selection of spices in ready to use catering shakers

Allspice Ground
550g Jar

Allspice Ground 550g Jar..


Cajun Spice
550g Jar

Cajun Spice 550g JarIngredients (Allergens in BOLD)Paprika, basil, fennel, sea  salt, black pep..


Caraway Seeds
500g Jar

Caraway Seeds 500g Jar..


Cardamom Ground
500g Jar

Cardamom Ground 500g Jar..


Cardamoms Green Whole
350g Jar

Cardamoms Green Whole 350g Jar..


Cayenne Pepper
550g Jar

Cayenne Pepper 550g Jar..


Chilli Powder
550g Jar

Chilli Powder 550g Jar..


Chillies Crushed
300g Jar

Chillies Crushed 300g Jar..


China Star Anis
200g Jar

China Star Anis 200g Jar..


Chinese Five Spice
400g Jar

Chinese Five Spice 400g JarIngredients (Allergens in BOLD)Fennel, Cinnamon, Aniseed,  Cloves, G..


Cinnamon Ground
500g Jar

Cinnamon Ground 500g Jar..


Cinnamon Sticks
200g Jar

Cinnamon Sticks 200g Jar..


Cloves Ground
600g Jar

Cloves Ground 600g Jar..


Cloves Whole
340g Jar

Cloves Whole 340g Jar..


Cumin Ground
500g Jar

Cumin Ground Jar 500g..


Cumin Seeds
450g Jar

Cumin Seeds 450g Jar..


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